What We Have

We have a home with a terrific view, on top of Track Rock Gap. My father lives on the main floor and we have converted the lower floor to very large apartment with one bedroom, kitchen, full bath, and washer dryer; abuot 1500 square feet. This apartment has its own private entrance, parking lot, and covered porch looking across the valley.

What We Are Looking For

My name is Todd Suttles. I have a business in Atlanta, and on the weekends come back up to Blairsville / Young Harris to be with my elderly dad, Bill Suttles. He is a retired artist and paints in his studio every day.

What I need is someone who is responsible and caring who could be on the property each day so he is not totally alone the entire time I am in Atlanta. He does not need any structured care; just somebody around regularly, like a good neighbor who could keep an eye on and call me if needed. Leading a full life and having a full time job somewhere would be completely fine.

An ideal situation would be a student, professor, young couple, or health care provider, but this is not required.


Rent is $600, BUT…

I am open to discussion about this. I am open to lowering rent and bartering for any extra responsibilities in exchange. My dad is healthy and completely self sufficient but he is aging and not having to do some things (like laundry, cleaning, cooking etc) would improve his quality of life and I would value that

What Next

If you might be interested in either straight out renting, or exchanging responsibilities for reduced rent, please call or text me at 404-255-5530. We can meet, discuss options, etc.